When you create your account on Cashfree, our team does a background check of your business and verify the details shared by you. On being satisfied of the details we activate your Cashfree Merchant account within 24-48 hours.

To help us approve the account faster, please ensure that your website is live and the following details are mentioned in the website.

  1. Terms and conditions 

  2. About us 

  3. Contact us ( one email id and at least one valid phone number) 

  4. Privacy Policy 

  5. Registered name of the business as 

In addition to above details, following details are also required to be mentioned on your website based on your business model.

  1. Refund/return policy

  2. Shipping & delivery policy

  3. Product/services

  4. Pricing

Find here the list of documents that you need to upload for account activation.

For any queries related to account creation or activation you can write us a mail at care@cashfree.com.

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