In most cases funds should be transferred to the recipient account within a few hours. 

Bank Transfer

  1. If the transfer was done to a bank account and you have still not received the funds. Please verify the actual bank details and see if they match with your details. There is no way for us to reverse a transaction which has gone to another bank account. 

  2. If your bank account details are correct and you still have not received the funds it may take upto 2 working days to get the funds in your account. If your bank fails to credit the amount to your account the transfer will get reversed on the 3rd working day. We will update the transfer status in such cases. If after 3 working days you still see the transfer status as successful and the amount not credited to your account please reach out to the merchant.

PayTM Transfer
If the transfer was done to a PayTm account please ensure that the phone number provided is correct. If yes, please reach out to merchant.

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