What are the features of Woocommerce Payment Gateway ? ( Read here)

Follow the steps below to add Cashfree Payment Gateway in your Woocommerce Store. ( Go to the documentation for details)

  1. Download Cashfree’s Woocommerce plugin (Latest Version 2) from here

  2. Login to your Wordpress Admin Dashboard

  3. Refer the detailed steps for the configuration.

  4. Use following details to configure it once you installed the plugin:Production Endpoint: https://api.cashfree.com/Merchant App Id: Available on your Merchant DashboardMerchant Secret Key: Available on your Merchant Dashboard


If you are integrating on test environment, use test endpoint: https://test.cashfree.com/

Please reach us in case of any query at Support.

Detailed steps to Install Woocommerce plugin in your wordpress site

  • Extract and copy this plugin in plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins) of your website

  • Activate plugin ‘CashFree’ From Wordpress Plugins Page

  • Go to WooCommerce Settings, click on Checkout tab and click on CashFree under Payment Gateways section.

  • Tick the checkbox against “Enable/Disable” label

  • Fill up api url by referring the API documentation

  • Enter your Cashfree Merchant App Id and Merchant Secret Key Available on your Merchant Dashboard

  • Click “Save Changes”

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