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Simplify Businesses Payments 

Settlement helps your Finance team to do less banking and get their time back

  • Unburden your business from the hassle of opening & managing a Nodal Account

  • Accept only what you earn into your account, makes accounting easy

  • Tax computation faster and simpler by accessing your earnings per transaction

Insights to Ledgers  

Settlement gives you easy and detailed access to your ledgers

  • List of all credits and debits made to each vendor historically

  • Know your earnings in detail - earnings per order/per month/per vendor etc.

  • Use our simple and beautiful APIs to access all ledger details

Go Global

On-board international merchants on your platform without any additional effort

  • Allow international merchants to sell through your marketplace hassle free

  • Automated payout to merchant’s home bank account

  • Standard T+2 payment cycle supported even for international merchants

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